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Natalya Mann

Professional Resume of:

Natalya Mann, Ph.D. (Linguistics),
Russian Translator & Professional Educator

Phone: 417-742-4617
Mail: Natalya Mann, PO Box 5, Willard, MO 65781

Personal Data:

  • Native Russian, from Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad)

Educational Preparation:

  • Ph.D., (Linguistics), 1996
  • Post-Graduate studies: Volgograd Pedagogical State University, Russia.
  • Specialties: General Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Psycholinguistics.

  • Master of Education, 1983
  • Major: English, Minor: German

  • Completed Medical Program qualifying me as a Russian civil defense nurse, 1980.

  • Studied Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics at the Economical Department of the Volgograd Civil Engineering Institute, 1975.

Professional Experience:

  • 2001-present: Teaching the Russian language and related courses on culture and literature at Missouri State University as a Per Course faculty.

  • 1998-2000: Teaching German by interactive television at Ozarks Technical Community College, Springfield, Missouri.

  • 1997-present: Language translation Russian/English through the internet and telephone language interpretation (self employed)

  • 1989-1996: Teacher of Business English and Lexicology at the Volgograd State Pedagogical University, Volgograd, Russia.

  • 1984-1989: Teacher of English grades 5-11 and the high/middle school No-6 in Prokhladny, Kabardino-Balkaria, Russia.

  • 1985-1987: Elected Court Juror (2-year term), Prokhladny, Russia.


  • I have 4 articles on linguistics published in Russian scientific journals.