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Natalya, in Volgograd Russia, winter 1996 Personal Russian Photo Collection:
These are all photographs from my life experience in Russia. I was born in Volgograd (Stalingrad) Russian in 1957. I have also lived in Chechnya in the Northern Caucasus. Browse the pictures. Enjoy...

[Russian Pioneer Students] * [Russian College Students] * [My Mother as a Child in Russia] * [Friends at the Beach in Russia] * [Russian College Girls] * [Russian Gas Station] * [Russian Military Health Spa] * [Russian Resort Vacation] * [My Father in Russian Colonel's Uniform] * [Russian Moose Hunters] * [Russian 1st Grade Classroom] * [An Old Russian Military Veteran] * [Mamayev Hill in Stalingrad] * [Changing of the Guard, Stalingrad Russia] * [Alex in Traditional Russian Costume] * [Russian Santa Claus] * [In a Moscow City Park] * [Alex and Ulya on the Volga Embankment] * [Russian Potato Harvest] * [Me, At Home in Missouri] * [Russian Submarine] * [Cross Country Skiing near Moscow] * [Old Church Destroyed in WWII] * [Copper Art: Russian Girl with Deer] * [Hunting Shop in Moscow] * [Bread Bakery in Volgograd] * [Street Vendors in Volgograd] * [Baptism in Russian Church] * [Russian Bathtub] * [Oil Painting: Russian Villiage] * [Russian Fast Food on the Street] * [Holiday Family Dinner with Tea] * [Frozen Volga River] * [Boats on the Volga River] * [The Northern Caucasus Mountains]

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