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Natalya Mann Russian Interpretation,
3-Way Interpreted Conference Phone Calls
Russian to English & English to Russian
by Natalya Mann, Ph.D. (linguistics)

Phone: 417-742-4617
Mail: PO Box 5, Willard, MO 65781

I am a native Russian from Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad), Russia. I have taught English and linguistics in Russian schools and university for 13 years.
I now live in the USA and offer my services as a translator and interpreter.

3-way Conference Phone Interpretation . . . . . . . . . 95 cents per minute
($10 min per call) (No charge for no contact.)

I can also made non-conference phone calls for you. This is useful if you want me to make a call to Russia to obtain some information for you where a conference call is not necessary. This price is the same as for conference calls

Procedures, Information and Terms:

* It is best to make an appointment if possible. Of course, I welcome business without appointments but I may not always be available. Also, I can give better service if you send me contact information prior to the call.
* I do not charge for a reasonable amount of unsuccessful attempts to make a connection. Normally charged time begins when a connection is established.
* I can accept payment by check, or money order.
* I can keep your credit card information on file for your convenience if you make additional calls.
* I may change these terms at any time circumstances beyond my control require it.
* If you have a special need or question, please contact me. My service is flexible and versatile.
* Of course, there is never a charge to you for talking with me about my prices or service.